Text length in Bloom

A page in a book I am working on (studies in Mark chapters 1-3) has set itself to register all red font as if I had typed too much and I have not started more than one letter yet. Is there a way I can convince it that I have not inputted too much text?
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
Mandy Caley (Sénoufo)

Hi Mandy. Please report this problem in Bloom and we will look into it.

  1. Select your book or edit your book.
  2. Click the ? in the top right corner.
  3. Click Report a Problem

The Report a Problem dialogue will appear.

  1. Describe the problem. For example, which page(s) of your book exhibit(s) the problem?
  2. Tell us if the problem happened only once, or if it keeps happening.
  3. Ensure you email is correct.
  4. Ensure theses boxes are ticked.
  5. Click Submit.

Following the submission of your report, we will be in touch via private email communication.

Thanks for using Bloom!

Thank you, I have submitted my error report.
Mandy Caley

I have seen instances where there seems to be “hidden” text in a text box. This most frequently happens when text is cut from other software (like Word) and then pasted into the text box. Even if one deletes the text that was pasted in, the “hidden” text can remain. I find that going into the text box and repeatedly hitting delete will usually clear out the offending text. That may not at all be what is going on here … but maybe?

Yeah, that was the problem, the box was full of empty lines. Note that Bloom does show “¶” markers, so that you can see even empty lines.

It’s also just possible to get into a state where there is text (or blank lines) you can’t see ABOVE the top of the box. Bloom doesn’t show scroll bars on overflowing boxes, but it is possible for them to scroll when you do things like move the selection with arrow keys. So it’s also worth a try to use up arrow or backspace and see if anything changes.

Thanks so much for advising :slight_smile:

Yes! Everyone- that worked, I pressed delete over and over and the red disappeared ! Thank you.