Teckit Map Encoding Editor: Can it support the Unicode characters with 5 character encoding (such as 1D740)

We will need to create a conversion for a language which will have some unicode characters that are assigned 5 character encodings. It looks like Teckit converter stops at uFFFF.

Is there a configuration change that I can make which will enable Teckit see out to FFFFF?

Thank you

The TECkit Mapping Editor will compile values above U+FFFF, either by value (U+10000) or name (LINEAR_B_SYLLABLE_B008_A), but there doesn’t seem to be a way to use the character map “picker” to select values above U+FFFF.

An example of a .map file that uses characters above U+FFFF can be found at:

To further David’s’ helpful post, character names can also be written in lowercase, still with underscores instead of spaces from the standard Unicode name.

It sound like the issue is with the mapping editor that comes with Encoding Converters. TECkit itself, which Encoding Converters calls, has no issue with characters above U+FFFF.

Thank you David.

I understand you to be saying to use the picker for values of FFFF or less and then type conversions higher then that directly.

Any chance the picker could be upgraded to be able to see up to FFFFF ?