Technical Help Please?

The keyboard compiler seems to be running into an error.

RunicKeyboard.kmn (207): 208A The compiler has assigned a minimum engine version of 9.0 based on features used in this keyboard
runic.kmn: Failure: ‘C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Keyman Developer\Projects\runeboard\runic.kmn’ was not compiled successfully for Windows, macOS, Linux, Desktop devices.

How do I overcome this? What exactly is the problem and how might I fix it please?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Generally there is some additional information displayed before/with that error message that indicates (for example) the line number in the .kmn file where a problem was detected.

Thanks. There wasn’t any such information, which is why I asked this question. Eventually I decided to search an old external hard drive for when I last built this keyboard to see if I could find the backup copy of the file Keyman’s update deleted. It was there and I seemed to be able to copy part of its code which, for whatever reason, was missing into this new one and it seemed to work. Not sure it’s the proper way of doing this but at least it’s functional.