Tbb D SILDoulosL

Hi, I have a Word document (Kabiye Bible) that uses the font that Microsoft Word identifies as Tbb D SILDoulosL.

I do not see that font on your website, and I’m wondering if you have that font somewhere that I can get.

I already have the file called SILDIPA_.TTF which says it is SILDoulosIPA, but that is not quite the same. I am guessing that Tbb D SILDoulsL is not unicode, given the age of this document.

I am a tech consultant working with Bibles International, trying to recover this text into usable USFM format. It was done by our people back in the early 1990s and has never been in anything other than Word.

Thank you,


I should be able to either get the font or a converter for you next week. Can you PM me your email address?