Tajik Keyboard help

I have an old version of Keymandeveloper 6.0 which also had the old keyboard and fonts on a dusty disk, but it will not work on Windows 10 64 Bit. Can someone guide me on how to install the old Tajik fonts with an English equivalent on my computer using Keyman Developer 13 which I was able to install on my computer. I would like to contact some old friends I had in Tajikistan when I served there.

Welcome to the community.

In Keyman Developer, you can add fonts to your keyboard package as long as your font is TTF, .OTF, or .TTC. I believe you can open old .KMN and/or .KPS files in Keyman Developer 13. If you need further assistance, we can schedule a Skype or Zoom call so I can better support you.