Tables in DAB?

Dear reader,

I also posted this question in the flex google groups … and by posting it here I hope to have cast the net a bit wider … :wink:

Mdf supports \tb as in the following exemple, with user styles t_xv and t_xe:

\tb t_xv:{boiɲinibo}; t_xe:{le levé du soleil}
\tb t_xv:{boitaaraun}; t_xe:{en plein soleil}
\tb t_xv:{boiŋɔɔn}; t_xe:{chaleur du soleil}
\tb t_xv:{boidinxyei}; t_xe:{soleil brillant}
\tb t_xv:{boiton}; t_xe:{lʼouest}
\tb t_xv:{boidinsaun}; t_xe:{rayon solaire}
\tb t_xv:{boishoora}; t_xe:{parasol}

It is not supported in the lift standard to my knowledge. What would be the logical LIFT-replacement for a table, if not a customized field? With the aim in mind to achieve a table-lookalike-format with two columns? Since Lift is not meant to be a layout / typeset standard, I know there is no read-matching solution, but what would you do?

Or, the question could also be, have you managed with DAB to produce a table in your dictionary app ?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


My answer is given on the flex-list:

Since this doesn’t really have anything to do with DAB (I doubt tables would work in an app), it would be best just to post it in the FLEx forum. Most of the people who might respond are more likely to follow the flex-list, or may (like me) follow both.

Our solution was to save our table as a picture and add the picture into DAB :wink:

Excellent suggestion Rhina ! Now I will be wondering why I did not think of that myself :bulb: … Much obliged.