Tables in Bloom

In recent Bloom workshops with literacy workers, participants have commented about the difficulty of creating tables in Bloom. (It involves creating text boxes with borders, then splitting them multiple times).

Departments of Education have specific formats that need to be followed when creating Primers, but those are difficult to replicate in Bloom. (We realise the Story Primer template is available in the Bloom Library, but the format would still need to be changed as they are not the same for each country.

From a literacy worker: “It would be great not to think about formatting issues that go with MS Publisher so we could focus more on the content. I also understand, though, that it will be a challenge to create tables in Bloom. Creating tables in Bloom would make it less necessary to rely on using MS Publisher for the work in literacy and education here in the Philippines. It has been a pain to constantly rely on MS Publisher to do the Spelling Guide and the Primer for each of the language groups

So having the ability to easily create tables in Bloom would be helpful.

I agree tables in Bloom would be very helpful, but I’m assuming the variety of options users would require might be difficult to program. As a workaround, I sometimes create the table in another program and then import them as a picture. I think I must have taken a screen shot of them. Fiddly but you can get there.

But, if you have to edit, you have to go to where you did it. And it’s a problem for reading the text when we do recording, coz it’s a picture not a text…

Yes you make a good point here @Kham. If you have a table in a Bloom book which you make into a Talking Book, the text needs to be able to be highlighted for recording. (That’s not possible if it’s an image).

I wish they have a table option soon.

I wish they have a table option soon.

Alas, this still has 0 votes :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I thought I’d already voted for this, but it seems I hadn’t. I’ve voted now. @Kham - please vote too!

Has anything been done on this request yet (it now has 8 votes)?

Has anything been done on this request yet (it now has 8 votes)?