Synchronization in App not matching what is in RAB interface

I’m working on synchronizing audio and text in a project that uses French style punctuation, with a space between punctuation and end quotes. The phrase list that RAB created includes the end quote in the preceding phrase and I’ve fine-tuned the timings. However, when I compile the app, it puts the end quote in its own phrase. This puts my highlighting off by one phrase each time a quotation ends. I tried recreating a phrase list using .\s» to create phrase lists, but all that does is create a phrase list entirely of single word entries.
Does anyone know how to defeat this problem?

Can you try adding (and activating) a rule in the Changes tab which converts those spaces to non-breaking spaces? Here is a suggestion:
Name/Desc: Make space before punctuation narrow non-breaking space
Find: ([:;?!]) - with one space at the beginning
Replace: \u202f\1

I don’t know if this will “defeat” the problem, but it’s worth a try.

Thanks for the suggestion. However, this actually changes the text and makes the quotation formatting lopsided. I also have several different languages on this app, so I didn’t go and check to see how it affected some of the other languages and their quotation rules.
I can go back and actually change the way the punctuation is formatted in the original. I’m a little hesitant because the text is copyrighted by another organization.

There are two changes possible. The main changes affects the look of the output and also the aeneas changes, that only affect the text passed to aeneas, thus affecting the phrases.

I would like to see, what is in the phrases file passed to aeneas. We don’t need the whole thing just a few lines before and after the quote marks. Also what is in your Phrase-ending characters.

If there is always other punctuation at the end of a quote? Then you would not have the closing quote in the Phrase-ending characters list.

Here are a couple of lines of the phrases file at I place I know RAB compiles the app differently than the viewer or fine tuning timings.

|m|I ye wa kuru wo la ka n sɔ Isiyaka la yen.|
|n|I ye a faa ka a janin ka a kɛ buudi di. »|
|o|3 Duusa gbɛnnɛn,|
|p|Iburahima wulida jona ka lɔɔ te Alla sɔfen janin kanma ka ala fali dɔbɛn.|

There are places where the quotation ends with a question mark <?> or an exclamation point <!> before the space and quotation marks.

I haven’t fiddled with the default phrase-ending characters other than the suggestion by jheath earlier.