Switching between Keyman keyboards in MacOS

On my previous Mac I managed somehow to switch between two Keyman keyboards using the normal Mac Command-Option-Spacebar keystroke, but I can’t remember how I set it up and don’t have access to the old Mac anymore.
I have several system keyboards but both of my Keyman keyboards are classed as one keyboard, which means I have to use the mouse to drill down a menu to switch between the keyboards, which is a hassle when you need to be switching all the time. With my previous Mac, I think I maybe had two instances of Keyman, each with a different keyboard as default, but I can’t see how I’d do this.
Thanks for any help!
William Kinnaird

Welcome to the community, @Selekwete.

This is an outstanding feature being requested at feat(mac): Keyboard switching hotkeys · Issue #1401 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub. Let’s track its progress there.