Swap dead key location?

I have been using Ukelele to create my Swedish Dvorak keyboard layouts on osx (currently 10.14 and 10.15) for many years. I have one MacBook pro with Swedish keyboard and just got one with an English keyboard. Due to RSI I almost extensively use the computer with a Kinesis USB keyboard.

On my Mac with the English keyboard I need to swap 2 keys but I cannot find a way to do that with ukelele. One of the key is a dead key. I tried to read up on that but I couldn’t understand how it worked…

I’m trying to attach pictures of my keyboards + my layout but I’m not allowed.
I attach my English keyboard + the Swedish Kinesis. My ukelele keyboard layout can be seen here: olalindberg dot com/tmp/ol-Swedish-Svorak.keylayout

Any tips?
Many thanks in advance!

Sorry but you’ll need to contact the Ukelele user group with your question. Thanks!