Suggestions for improving SayMore: numbering segments

We have began using SayMore in our storying work, in combination with using OneStoryEditor. It helps us a lot with transcribing, and we are very glad with it.

There are several glitches, or things that we would really like to be improved.

• it would be very nice if segments had numbers: it is very easy to lose track of where you are if you are going back while recording back translation. It’s difficult to scroll, and to recognise where you were. If the segments had numbers, and if these would correspond with the transcription, it would be much easier to find your way.

• It would be nice if the individual windows, for instance for segmenting, could be maximised. Since they are so small, especially on smaller laptops, it is even harder to keep track of where you are. Of course, if the recording is going smooth, you sail through it, but if a person is struggling and wants to go back and forth, then it’s easy to lose your place.