Subkeys, Pop-up Keys, Drop-down Menus, Key Layers: for Laptop

Hi. I’m trying out Keyman Developer 9.0 for an experimental project where I need numerous characters for creative compositions. I’m presently using Font Creator to produce the characters and digitize them, and I have been constructing these characters on “Basic Latin” Unicode. What I would like is to have each keystroke produce a “drop-down menu” (containing as many characters as I like) so that I can scroll through the characters in that menu (using the navigation arrows or pointer) and choose the desired character to appear in the composition when I then strike the Enter key (or click it with the pointer). Essentially, I’d like it to operate something like the Amharic Input Method (Version 1.0) or even the old Inscribe software by Saqqara Technologies (the latter having a list of characters [assigned to keystrokes] on an upper bar from which a drop-down menu of other characters would appear with each keystroke). I’m actually new to this (less than a month). So, your help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Sounds great! What you are looking to do, we have done with keyboards like CS-Pinyin and Yi on Windows, and Chinese, Japanese and Korean on the web. However, the solution right now is a bit of work, because we don’t have as smooth a pathway for picker-based input methods as with our normal model of input.

You can have a look at for an example of a picker-based input method; this one runs only on Windows. We have not yet published the source for our picker-based keyboards for web but these will be available in the future.

Thanks for your help and direction Marc.