Strange behaviour with minor entries (variants)


Iꞌm seeing some strange behaviour in the dictionary app with minor entries (variants):

  1. the gloss is not appearing in the index. Main entry glosses are appearing as expected. The minor entries do have glosses, which are shown in the single entry view.
  2. In the single entry view, the formatting is not coming through as expected - something I expected to be italic is not. Main entries have italics as expected and and I can’t see any difference in the styles.

I’m also struggling with the style sheets. There are times where I can’t see where the layout formatting is coming from. But that is in the actual xhtml.

Any help appreciated - thanks!

  1. If the gloss is not appearing in the index, then is it configured in Flex to show? DAB can only show what comes out of Flex. Minor Entries are configured separately.

  2. If you want to share your files out of Flex, I can have a look at them. Put them in a Google Drive and share the link where I can get them in a Personal Message. It would be good to have some images with notes on so I can be sure to be looking in the right place.

Both sound like Flex configuration issues.