"store referenced in index) shorter than in any()" but it's not

This is for Siberian Yupik Cyrillic.

store(row_c_ukey)  "A" "S" "D" "F" "G" "H" ":" '"'
store(row_c_uchar) "А" "С" "Д" "Ф" "Г" "Ч" ":" '"'
+ any(row_c_ukey) > index(row_c_char,1)

"Warning: 2085 The store referenced in index() is shorter than the store referenced in any()"
I keep looking at them and they surely seem the same length to me :-\

Just a guess, it may be tripped up because you are mixing single and double quotes in one line. Quotes are slippery. Try removing the last entry temporarily and compile again.

I’m assuming you are not using smart quotes in your code. That would be one problem.

The second is that at least when I tried this, the 2nd store isn’t named right. It should be index(row_c_uchar,1) (not char, but uchar). Is it possible you have another store named row_c_char and it has a shorter store?

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Yes, the store name was wrong. As happens all too often, I was looking right at it and not seeing it.

We have all done that!

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