Standard features needed to be embedded in dictionary

Hi all,

I have been working on language explorer since 2017. I have created database for a dictionary, that contains more than 20000 entries and that is bilingual dictionary i.e. English and Sindhi (Right to left, Arabic script)
I feel there are some features missing when dictionary is developed in apk format.
Here I point out some of these:

  1. Dictionary search
    In my created dictionary, it takes much time to search a word. And it also search from the gloss as well from the examples also.
    My suggestions in this regard are two:
    a. There must be two search options: 1. the head word search 2. Entire dictionary search.
    Through head word search only option it will be easier and much faster to search any word. That is user’s choice weather he/she want a faster search or complete search.

  2. History
    History tab option is missing. Anyone who searches any word must be in history tab.

  3. Favorite word
    There must be a tab in which a user can put a list of favorite words. So he/she can easily and quickly approach to the list.

  4. Share (word share) option
    I think there must appear a share button option with each and every entry, so that anyone can share any specific word and its meaning to anyone via message, social network, mail, etc.

  5. User response option
    There should be a user response option so that if any user finds an error or mistake or he/she wants to modify the meaning and explanation of any entry, that can be sent directly from that option to developer’s email.

  6. Grammar tab
    Dictionary must contain the Grammar option. As I have developed dictionary to explore my language so there should be a tab where my Language’s grammar can be appeared.

I am sure that my suggestions will be considered for future versions of the dictionary app builder.

Humble regards

Another option I want you to add is:

  1. Back button option
    when we go to any entry and after visiting we return to home list, it takes us back to the starting of the list. I am saying that when we press back button, we should go to the list that place, where that entry is, which we have just visited.
  1. The developer will be making available a match on the head word in the next release. That is start typing the word and the matches will be displayed. I think it is indexed so should be fast.
    2-5 are good suggestions.
  2. So for this you want all the nouns together but sorted, all the verbs together? This too sounds good. Or do you have something else in mind.
    In the meantime if you use LIFT I have manipulated the file to add a Semantic domain tab. So using the same technique you could create a Grammar tab. It is a matter of creating a pseudo language and the reversals. I have not explored how to do this for XHTML source.

For your suggestions if you can take an existing screenshot and create a mockup by pasting over of what you want it may help the developer understand quicker what you are asking for.

I am often frustrated by this. But a trick that works for me when i have looked at the details of an entry and know i want to go back to the same place on the list (this is on my android, samsung - I don’t know if it works on all phones) is to press the button on the phone that makes the screen go blank and then press it back on again. Somehow that seems to force DAB to add a memory point. Then when i press the back button I am at the point in the list that I want to be :slight_smile: