Standalone HTML -> PDF converter using Bloom's engine

Hi all,

I’m a Linux power user but not so much of a developer or coder. I would like to take whatever Bloom does to generate a printable PDF from an HTML doc and use that for a small project I’m working on (unrelated to a Bloom publication). The book I want to render contains both IPA and Burmese Unicode characters.

I want to test my theory that it would be a lot easier and more efficient to generate a PDF that contains complex fonts and Graphite rendering from an HTML file than it is to play with LaTeX plugins or something in LibreOffice.

There are non-FOSS options such as Prince and of course XLingPaper for XML input. However, Bloom already does such a good job rendering printable PDFs from underlying HTML and I would like to utilize that outside of the Bloom UI.

Could someone point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

Hi @tdavlinguist,
Bloom uses what is basically just a wrapper around the Firefox html-to-pdf engine.
So, I would start by just opening your html in Firefox => Print => Save to PDF and see if that suits your needs.
If not, let us know what is lacking and we may be able to direct you better.