Stand-alone "image toolbox" for use outside of Bloom?

Art of Reading is a valuable image collection, and we are now beginning to create custom image galleries. (I’ve done one with several hundred color images for a client in Guatemala, for example.) By the nature of the process, an index is created, but that index is only used by Bloom, WeSay, and perhaps other SIL software.

One could just browse the image folders for other purposes, but would it be possible to create a simple utility that allowed a person to search a gallery by keywords just like you do in Bloom, then copy the image (to the clipboard or to a folder) for use in other software? I haven’t done a poll, but I suspect that people who have learned the value of the image galleries through Bloom would love to have something that would extend the usefulness of those galleries.

The image chooser dialog and embedded controls are actually in libpalaso, not Bloom proper. The tool you’re describing could be implemented by anyone, not just the Bloom team.

OK. Thanks. If I knew someone who would do this, how would I get them access to the libpalaso library? is open to the public (at least for read access). The image chooser dialog and controls are in SIL.Windows.Forms/ImageToolbox.