Square Books (A5.5 Square)

There is a large amount of books in the bloom library (African Storybook, BookDash), that were originally designed to be printed as square books!

We are currently publishing them as A5 portrait. As you can see in the image, we created the A5 booklet without inner margins. Notice the seamless joint of the left and right page and the page numbers in circles!

When they get printed, we need to trim the book to size. Resulting in quite a bit of paper loss. If Bloom would have a square paper format; 13cmx13cm, we would certainly make use of that. It would allow for three books to be printed out of one A3 sheet, instead of two.
Resulting in a 33.3% cost reduction.

Thanks for considering!

On behalf of the EFL team,

Koen den Hartogh

OK Koen we’ll so that soon.

@Koen72 we have added this to Bloom 4.9: