Spreadsheet export/import for data-book fields?

Is it possible for the data-book fields under <div id="bloomDataDiv"> to be included in the data exported and imported?

When we run into a book (or a lot of books from a project) that have data in the wrong fields, the wrong language tags, etc. – as we did in the Afghan Children Read books – the export-import function could provide an easy path to straighten things out.

Hi Fraser,
How is it that the data-div will help in this? For fixing the language tag on text items, you would change the tag in row 1 (which is initially hidden):

This information IS exported (and imported). It’s just hidden by default to make the spreadsheet less overwhelming. I guess we hid it too well! At the end of your export, if you look closely, you’ll see a bunch of missing row numbers, like this:
Select the row above and below the missing group:
Then use format/row height:
Enter a value like 40 and presto:

What a pleasure to find that the feature you’re asking for already exists! Thanks, @john_thomson !

To your question, @JohnHatton , changing the language tag row would do it – but since only some of the data-div elements were tagged with the wrong language, they needed to be shifted from one language (column) to another.