Splash Screen on iOS

On iOS, the splash screen for my dictionary app appears for less than 1 second, even though I have set it to appear for 4 seconds; and it does not fill the entire screen, even though I have loaded images at all the required sizes (640x960, 640x1136, 750x1334, and 1242x2208). (I am testing on an iPhone 6.) I do not have these problems on Android.

Also, in the iOS Splash Screen tab of the Images section in DAB, the file size of all the loaded images is shown as “0”; this is not true of the Android splash screen images, or the icon images for either platform.

I am using Version 8.3.1 of DAB.

Correction: Actually, what appears (on iOS) is not even the splash screen image, but rather the app icon.

Just wondering if anyone has seen this thread, or has experience with similar issues. (@Ian_McQuay?)


Sorry I had missed this. Been busy on some other big projects. I’ll do some testing and write it up.

So you set the time for 4000miliseconds?

It takes me time to generate the images. Can you share your splash screen images. I’ll use a different app project.

On iOS, there is no way for us to control how long the splash screen show.

Yes, I set the time for 4000 milliseconds.

Attached is my splash screen image, at various sizes.