Special Sentence-Ending Punctuation Input Needed for Talking Books

Some scripts use sentence-ending punctuation that is “non-standard,” other than a period, question mark or exclamation point. Bloom allows users of such scripts to enter the corresponding Unicode escapes for their language in the Punctuation tab in the “Set up Leveled Reader Tool.” That seems to work well. But, for users who are not making Leveled Reader templates but do plan to make Talking Books, Bloom also needs to know where sentences end when doing the recording. One solution that seems to work is to have those users open the Set up Leveled Reader Tool and enter the appropriate Unicode information for their punctuation. But it might be helpful instead or additionally to include opportunity to input such punctuation information in the “Special Script Settings” pop-up dialogue in the “Settings/Book Making” tab, since users who are not familiar with the Set up Leveled Reader Tool might more easily be able to discover where to enter the needed information.

Thanks for considering this.