Special keys in keyman touch layout


I saw a ’ K_LOPT ’ special key in touch layout of keyman to open menu. Which are the other special key codes in similar category.

Which key code uses to hide touch layout ?

Which key code uses to toogle touch keyboard layouts without pop up menu ?

Which key code uses in touch layout to trigger android’s change keyboard menu ?


I did a search of our help and realised that the K_LOPT key id is not documented. I’ve added an issue internally to get that documented.

There are only two special keys:

  1. K_LOPT shows the keyboard menu or switches keyboards
  2. K_ROPT dismisses/hides the keyboard

The K_LOPT keyboard has slightly different semantics on iOS and Android. On iOS, a touch will swap to the next keyboard, and longpress will bring up a menu. On Android, touching the key will open the keyboard menu. In Keyman 11 on Android, the menu has an additional option to switch to a non-Keyman keyboard (missing in version 10). Longpress does not currently have a meaning on this key on Android.