"Special" key type doesn't display character properly

In my new keyboard, Batak keyboard, I want to put the character (U+1BC5) in keycap of K_B to the K_SHIFT, but as you can see, it produces a square instead. Is this a known bug?

It’s weird, because it only happens in “Special” and “Special (active)” key types. Other key types would display like K_B correctly.


I think we have a special font we are using for displaying the “Special” keys in the Keyman app, so it may be that is why it won’t work.

What @Lorna says is correct, but it’s only supposed to apply to keys with the *xxx* key caps. The screenshot is showing Keyman Developer. Does this issue arise in the apps as well? Which version of Keyman Developer / Keyman are you using?

Wait a second, because I changed the key type to ‘default’ before I tested it in my app. Let me change it back to ‘special’.

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I confirmed that the issue is resolved in Keyman for Android (version 14).
I’m using keyman dev 14.0.270

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Select the sentence with the mouse, and a ‘quote’ button appears :slight_smile:

Really glad that the issue is resolved in 14.0.270!

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Perhaps related to this case, but the font size on the “special” keycap is slightly larger than the usual font size in other keycaps, rendering the special letter I put on the “special” keycap get cut-off. I need to make a screenshot for this later.

Is the font size intentionally set bigger in the “special” keys?

The font size is a little tricky; KeymanWeb will rescale text on a keycap if it doesn’t fit – although descenders and ascenders that are outside the em square may still not be handled.