Spash Screen examples on PlayStore?

I am looking for inspiration for a spash-screen. Is there a list with published DAB dictionaries in the playstore? Or could we (the DAB team) create such a list for reference here?


You should be looking at the language group and what they perceive as a art work that they resonate with. What works for one group may not work for another group.

Could you run a competition between artists?

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Thanks for the tip Ian. Still it is inspiring to see what others have done in these terms. A 3 to 4 second splash screen can only convey so much … And strangly, I have never seen a major (webster / oxford?) dictionary that had any English art on the cover, unless it were a cultural / art kind of dictionary. A dictionary is a scientific, no frills kind of product, is it not ? (interesting discussion) Have you yourself used art for the splash screens of the dictionaries you were involved in? Could you share some exemples?
Thanks for your help Ian.

Minority language speakers may have a different perspective! For those who have been told their language isn’t a language at all, I’m sure it would be something they could be very proud of, and enjoy showing off. I agree with Ian, it’s very culturaly specific. Testing out various ideas is ideal.

Back to your original request for examples, I agree that’s also quite helpful.

This example is from a hymnal app, not a dictionary, but I’ll share it all the same. It has the name of the hymnal in Panao Quechua, then in Spanish, then the language name. The local BTO logo is in the bottom right. The boy looks like a boy from the region, the book looks like the most popular printed edition, and the background would have looked more like local terrain, except that I had some issues with the illustrator.

For a dictionary, I would probably go for something like a cultural textile pattern, something more subtle. But again, conversing and testing with the main intended audience.

Hope this helps :smiley:

Ah, I personally think 2 seconds is about the maximum. They will have to wait that long every time they open the app.

That also means that if they don’t read or see everything the first time, they will certainly have the chance to read or see the rest the subsequent times they open the app.

Just my two cents :smiley: