Spanish language section of the forum

Has there been discussion at any point of creating a Spanish language section of this forum for Bloom, Reading App Builder, etc.? (I’m posting this question in both the Bloom and RAB sections.)

Aaron Hemphill
SIL Mexico

I am not aware of any discussion on the RAB side.

Do you want a separate URL for Spanish? Like where the text is all Spanish. That I am aware of none of the team speaks Spanish, so it would be up to the Spanish speakers to support. And the bilingual ones to pass on questions that the Spanish community can’t answer.

Yes, exactly, a section where all the content is in Spanish. This would be great. I’m talking to John Hatton on the other thread as well. I need to talk to a few folks here in Mexico and then get back to you. I’m assuming we would ask for it to be called RAB (español).

Yes, we would plan to reply to the Spanish questions in Spanish as we are able and to pass along questions to y’all in English when we’re stuck.


The group asked for the title to be Reading App Builder (español). Thank you! Please let me know when it’s up and running.

@chrisvire Can you set this up?

This has been done.
with the title Reading App Builder (español)

@AaronHemphill Please provide a spanish about for the pinned post:

Thanks, Chris! Our group will have a Zoom call soon and then get a description written up.