Sort order problem

I have a problem with the sort order in DAB (9.3 - Windows) with the Arabic language.
I’m setting up my dictionary from LIFT.
In FLEx I’m using the sort Custom simple. The sort order is correct.
I copied the sort order from FLEx in DAB using the same sort method (Custom simple rules).
But the sort order for the headwords is not correct in my app.

What I’m doing wrong?
Thanks for your help

Have you tried to turn the Sort Method in DAB to Do not sort? You would need to check that your LIFT file was sorted as you expect. I’m not sure if Flex will output LIFT sorted.

I don’t read Arabic, so makes it hard to follow the problem.

Yes, I tried. But it does not work (the LIFT file is not sorted, only the dictionary in FLEx). I don’t read Arabic either, but we can see the sort order is incorrect. On the app screenshot, we see, on the top, the letters in the correct order. So it should list all the words starting with
image then
image then
image and so on

Would it be possible to ask someone in the DAB dev team to have a look? Thanks