Sort alphabetically

Hi, It doesn’t seem like LF sorts my entries alphabetically. How do we specify our sort order?

Hi there Ken,

We’re sorry to hear about your trouble. Could you please provide us with some more information? For example,

  • What script you’re using
  • Some examples
    • How they are sorting now in Language Forge
    • How you want them to be sorted
  • A printscreen or two

Currently there is no alphabetical ordering configuration setting, but all the same we want to ensure it’s not a bug, and understand what you and other users need.

Thank you,


Hi Alex,

I don’t understand how the letter “u” would come before “q” for example. There must be some reason for the way these entries are ordered; I simply can’t see from the surface of this phenomenon, what the organizing principles are.

Best, Ken

Thank you for that information Ken. There’s one detail I forgot to ask for. What is the name of the project in question? We would like to take a closer look. Thanks.

Also, if you could please paste in plain text the last two words from your printscreen above. Thanks.

Hi Ken,

Having a look at the screenshot, I wonder if the diacritic above the “q” is causing it to sort after “u”. What is probably needed is to do a sort that ignores diacritics in this case. But I am not sure if that is how everyone would want their dictionary sorted. Thoughts?


I’ll begin taking a closer look at this @chris_hirt and @Ken_Keyes