Song Book: TOC as Default on Book Selection

I have created a song book with two books, and the Contents and the sorting View work great.
But when I click on one of the books from the “Contents Page” it will only default to song #1 or 2 , etc.
I want it to go to default to the sorting view where you can select “By Number” or “By Title”.
How do I do that?

(It is less than obvious that the sorting view/toc even exists the first time you use the app.)


I’d change the book type form Songbook to default. Then create the By Number and By Title in the Contents menu. That way you control the whole Contents Menu. You could have fist line index, a first line chorus index. A Tune index.

You could have Title list for each book and a combined title list if that helped.

If I was doing this, I’d do it on a Google Sheet. Download the sheet and process it with a script to generate the XML that is zipped and is importable into Contents Menu.

Sounds like a lots of detailed tasks I don’t know how to do currently.

Does that mean it is not supported to default to TOC?

If you want to go from the Contents menu to the the By Number/By Title then Just select the Collection and book but no number in the Contents Menu link. Also make sure you are on 9.2.2 or greater.

Thanks! Worked great!

I was using 9.2.1

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