Some text styles not working

I am working on my first app with RAB and have gotten styles from Word coming over correctly into RAB, but some of the styles don’t seem to work. I have named them correctly and they show up correctly when I look at the source.

In this screenshot styles p,b, s2, and ms2 are working properly, but mt2 is not. When I build the app and open it on my phone there is just blank space where the mt2 style is supposed to be.

Is there a limit to the number of styles you can use? Or do they need to be in a certain order? What am I missing?

Thanks a ton!

Are you using Burmese fonts? I will also wait for the answers. I would like Burmese fonts to work with .docx.

@Benjamin these styles are coming from USFM. It has some rules about where things can go.

\mt1 can only go in the introduction part.
That is before the \c 1. Most likely this is not there. Using introduction styles in the wrong place can cause unexpected results. Some cause the last chapter to be missing.

I can’t read Burmese so have no idea of what you are trying to do with the \mt2 style. Try replacing it with another style. You can use your own style names big2, but you have to define what formatting is needed for that style from scratch in the Imported Styles tab of Styles.

Thank you, Ian. I think that’s what was going on. I had the mt styles outside of the introduction. I ended up modifying some of the existing styles to make it work.

Hey, for Burmese fonts to work in .docx you’ve got to have the right setup on your computer. Most of Myanmar has used Zawgyi font (which is not unicode) until recently. Now some are switching to unicode, which I highly recommend. If you need help with that, let me know and I’ll send some info. I’d also love to know more about what you’re working on in Burmese language and would be happy to share this app once it’s in good form.

To Benjamin,
The Burmese app is live and also as a website.

Go to Google Play and type in bibleview all oneword and look for the Burmese app. ဇစ်မြစ် ယေရှု ခရစ် – Birth of Jesus.
Some of the problems have been the Burmese fonts have not traveled well as emails, as well as other issues.

Great! Thank you for sharing the app. Burmese fonts are problematic because until recently everyone used non-unicode fonts. Unicode and non-unicode (primarily zawgyi) don’t play nice together and get weird across various platforms. The only way around this that I know of is to use PDFs or embed it into an app.

Can you send the following interface language in Burmese to me:-
Text Appearance