Some necessary features of other standard dictionary apps required to be embedded in new version of DAB

  1. Separate view in Tablet and Phone.
    I want separate look, tablet view and phone view of Dictionary. The phone view may be the same but in Tablet view there must be two bars, in side bar there should be list of entries and the either bar must contain the definition of glossary of selected word.

  2. Word of the day
    (The feature in itself is self explanatory.)

  3. Cross app communication ( [ ACTION PROCESS TEXT]
    In which when we are reading text in any other app and we want to see the meaning, we have just to select the text and along with copy/paste option, a dictionary option must show. Due to this option time will be saved much and we don’t have to open the dictionary.

Hope requests will be considered in upcoming version of DAB.

Thanking you in anticipation.