[Solved] Tamil Fonts not working in MacBook

I have installed Keyman in my MacBook Pro running on Sierra and then installed Tamil Keyboard. For designing purposes, I need different Tamil fonts to work.

Whenever I type in any applications with Tamil Fonts, it automatically changes the fonts to Inmathi Regular. I am unable to change the font as well. Anyways to use other fonts than Inmathi?

I am going to try to investigate this issue. Could you please indicate the name of at least one font that you are trying to use that is freely available? If you know where I can download it from, that would be great. Thanks!

Also, please indicate which Tamil keyboard you are using. (There are 11 different keyboards listed for the Tamil language.)

It’s possible that the other font(s) you are trying to use are not Unicode fonts. In that case, the code points emitted by the keyboard will not be able to be displayed properly using such fonts. So maybe the programs you are using are “smart” enough to automatically switch to display the text in a Unicode font.

Yes, you are right. Those weren’t unicode. Got it corrected. Many thanks
for your help. Appreciated.

I have installed Keyman in my Mac with OS High Sierra. I tried to install Tamil Typing keyboard, but unable to do so. I clicked the Configuration link under Keyman in the input menu. It circles for a few seconds but configuration does not open. Hence, I am not able to see the keyboard layouts menu. How to get the Configuration done? I have even downloaded a keyboard package with the extension .KMP on my macbook pro laptop. How do I install the keyboard. I am used to typing Tamil with the Tamil Typewriter keyboard. Can you kindly help me.

I hope these instructions will be helpful:

The configuration issue you’re seeing on macOS High Sierra is a separate topic. I’ll move that discussion to a new thread.