[Solved] Named chapters

Rather than having an automatically numbered list of chapters, it would be nice if the chapters could have a name instead of, or in addition to, the numbers. For books that are a collection of unrelated stories, this would make it easier for a user to navigate to a particular story of interest.
(Note: this request came from a participant at the Malaysia LTCT.)

The same and or in addition, could the pages also get the option of letters? I’ve been working on an abc-app and it would be nice to be able to use the page-menu for navigating the letters. Not sure if this is at all possible though.

You could try this:
\c 1 or \page 1
\cp A

\cp is USFM for substitute for chapter number and can be a letter or a word.
should work with \c but not sure about \page.

I am assuming you are starting in SFM. If starting in Word then make the style cp. Word is converted to SFM so it should work.


I think this applies to your situation as well.

Woops, completely forgot to reply to this. We ended up making the app a bit different, but I’ll give this a try anyway, just in case we want to use it for a future app…

YAY it works! THANKS!!