[Solved] Named chapters

Rather than having an automatically numbered list of chapters, it would be nice if the chapters could have a name instead of, or in addition to, the numbers. For books that are a collection of unrelated stories, this would make it easier for a user to navigate to a particular story of interest.
(Note: this request came from a participant at the Malaysia LTCT.)

The same and or in addition, could the pages also get the option of letters? I’ve been working on an abc-app and it would be nice to be able to use the page-menu for navigating the letters. Not sure if this is at all possible though.

You could try this:
\c 1 or \page 1
\cp A

\cp is USFM for substitute for chapter number and can be a letter or a word.
should work with \c but not sure about \page.

I am assuming you are starting in SFM. If starting in Word then make the style cp. Word is converted to SFM so it should work.


I think this applies to your situation as well.

Woops, completely forgot to reply to this. We ended up making the app a bit different, but I’ll give this a try anyway, just in case we want to use it for a future app…

YAY it works! THANKS!!

Good news: the \cp tag also works in SAB, which is useful for projects which have extensive glossaries and use dummy-chapters to structure their glossaries by alphabet or groups.

I mainly write this, as a note to myself but I will try linking here from the SAB forum. We just tried this and we are glad for those “little hidden nuggets of gold” in our nAB.

What we are still lacking is the ability to have a list view when there are words used in \cp instead of numbers or single letters.

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This was marked as bug from you upon my notification.
Hope in upcoming version it will be fixed.