[SOLVED] Keyman Developer (14) crashes while opening saved log for regression testing

I’m encountering a persistent problem while working on Keyman Developer. I’ve saved a bunch of Regression Test files, and whenever I try to reopen some of those files they cause Keyman to crash.

Details for error report for Keyman app:
Application Identifier: tike-14.0.274
Error Identifier: 5C73C5F68030444A2E4F72594A44FAAA


These test files can be found on my repo

could someone please help me with this issue?

Hi @Benjamin_Varghese,

I’ve just looked into this crash and written a fix for the problem. The writeup on the issue can be found in GitHub issue #5216.

Basically, the problem was the loader was not handling spaces correctly. I reproduced the problem with
spec-text-010-separate-without-space.xml, specifically the K_SPACE test:

       <postcontext><text>പൊൻ_</text><deadkey>noconjuncts</deadkey><text> </text></postcontext>

Note that <text> </text> element there has only whitespace, which XML by default ignores. I’ve made a fix for this in #5217 which should be available in 15.0 alpha and 14.0.275 in the next few days.

Before the full fix lands, you can workaround the issue by replacing any instances of <text> </text> elements with <text>&#32;</text> using any text editor. Note that if you save the regression test file again in Keyman Developer, you’d need to re-apply this workaround.

Thank you @Marc for the quick reply, fix and a temporary work around. I should be able to apply the work around on those files.

[EDIT]: The work-around fix the problem. Looking forward to the next Keyman release. Once again Thank You

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Version 14.0.275 is now available for download which should solve this :slight_smile: