[solved] Keyboard package error

Where can I find Pyidaungsu font? Pls explain me. Thanks for help.

It looks like you want to add the Pyidaungsu font to Microsoft Word for Android. We didn’t understand this previously – the fonts we add are available on Windows, macOS and Linux computers after you install the package. However, sadly Android itself and the Word for Android app do not support installing custom fonts (at least without gaining root access to the Android device, which is typically unsupported by manufacturers).

But there is one trick that a forum user has discovered, which involves using a Windows computer to create a document that includes the font: How to add a font to Microsoft Word on an Android Tablet - Microsoft Community. I can’t promise this will work, but give it a try if you can!

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Yes when we edit the original document, it goes with that documentś font.

Pls someone change the way of switching language in keyman keyboard to be better. I mean like in windows, switching language in background with key combination. Not choosing by touching screen in andriod tablet. The screen which appeared after pressing ctr+tab is annoying. Or when typing, the onscreen keyboard should disappear automatically. Thanks.

I agree that the Ctrl+Tab language switch could be better for Android! Do you want to open a feature request issue for this? New Issue · keymanapp/keyman

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Yes and Ctr+C, Ctr+V (Copy and Paste) function doesn’t work.

Re copy/paste, that would be a feature request to make in the same place (https://github.com/keymanapp/keyman/issues/new/choose) :slight_smile:

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Sorry I’m not clever at using this forum. Pls put suitable place. Thanks.

No problem – we’ve recorded the request on our issue tracker :slight_smile:

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