[solved] Keyboard package error

When I installed my new language keyboard myanmar3 into my samsung tab s7 andriod tablet, un error appear like this “keyboard pacakage has no touch-optimized keyboard to install”. Pls fix and reupload. Thank you very much.

The myanmar3 keyboard is not currently supported on Android tablets. I’ve documented an issue on the keyman.com website where the Windows keyboard is being offered to you – but a Windows version of the keyboard won’t work on Android!

We’ve noted the request for Android support for the keyboard at #1497 :slight_smile:

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But before I updated keyman to ver 14, I can use myanmar3 sil keyboard in my andriod tablet. Its all about my silly, I deleted my current using version of keyman before I downloaded the newest version of keyman. Window version is ok. All we need is andriod version. :crazy_face:Thanks in advance.

Pls let me know when myanmar3 keyboard is available.

We’ll update this forum when an Android version is available :slight_smile:

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I can confirm that sdysart is currently working on adding a touch layout to sil_myanmar_my3!

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Hi there
Attached is a test build of the updated keyboard package.
Can you try to install this with Keyman 14 for Android and tell us if it works for you?

Another user had given directions to @Scott_Dysart, so the new layout might have some differences from what you expect.

Please provide feedback on the pull request

sil_myanmar_my3.kmp (295.7 KB)

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Wow! It works 100%. Iḿ so happyyyyyyy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and thank you very much. Our Myanmar unicode language default comes with andriod tablet and unicode by keyman has a little different way in typing. I think keyman edit user friendly way of type. Thanks again. You are great!!!

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There is one inconvenient left. Whenever I changed one application to another, Keyman keyboard doesn’t work automatically. So I did on screen keyboard radio button on. Typing with on screen keyboard button on is not good because whenever I touch the screen, the huge keyboard layout appear and it disturbs my view. Can you pls fix this problem. The original default samsung keyboard doesn’t have that problem. I would like to suggest that the keyboard size should be cutomized in its setting. Doing good without on screen keyboard appear is the best. Hope youĺl understand what I mean. Thanks.

You might be able to switch to the Keyman keyboard by pressing Ctrl+Tab on your Bluetooth keyboard?

Yes. I did. I can choose the language but when I typed nth appear. It appears only when I touch the on screen keyboard again.

@ThetNaing, thank you for the additional feedback. @darcy are you able to reproduce this?

Here’s the steps I did to try to reproduce the issue on my Samsung tablet paired with a bluetooth keyboard:

  1. Install Keyman 14
  2. In Keyman, install sil_myanmar_my3 keyboard
  3. In Keyman, add Keyman as a system keyboard
  4. On the device, click the keyboard icon to change keyboard


  1. This was the tricky part for me. The Samsung tablet wouldn’t change change system keyboards while the “On-screen keyboard” setting was “off”. Set the “On-screen keyboard” to “on”.
  2. Set Keyman to the system keyboard, and then you can set “On-screen keyboard” to “off”.
  3. In Chrome, I was able to type in the search bar without the OSK by typing on the bluetooth keyboard.

Is this what you’re wanting to do?

I also noticed the Keyman Ctrl+Tab hotkey didn’t work when the OSK was off :confused:

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Can you make Kyeman SIL keyboard with Pyihtaungsu font? I also need Pyihtaungsu font rather than Myanmar3 font. In Myanmar, Pyihtaungsu font is standard use in government office. Pls help if you can. Thanks.

If you give me a place to download the font I can look at it to see if the license allows redistribution and if the font is completely Unicode compatible.

Remember, even if a keyboard package comes with one font, you can always switch to another font on your system.

The font that comes with the Myanmar3 keyboard is called Padauk.

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Pyidaungsu Font it is the link of pyidaungsu font download and it is totally free and unicode standard. It is available for PC only. Thanks for your help. Iḿ the one who try galaxy tab S7 tablet as a laptop replacement. :crazy_face:

Iḿ checking everyday whether you upload keyboard or not. Thanks in advance. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We will respond here if and when we update the keyboard package. It will be at least a few days if not longer.

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We did update the keyboard to include both the Padauk and the Pyidaungsu font:

I hope this is helpful.