[Solved] Installing Bookmarklet

I’m on keyman-dot-com/bookmarklet/ and trying to figure out how to install Keyman Bookmarklet, because there is no Bookmarklet icon on my toolbar or menu. I have searched through the Firefox Addon store for “keyman” but couldn’t find any addons that match that name. Same for the Chrome web store.

Any pointers?

Thank you for reporting this. I’ve just checked the site and see there is an error there. We are working on resolving it.

Perhaps as a workaround, you can try https://keymanweb.com/

After you’ve selected your language, there’s a “Browser Add-in” panel on the right where you can drag a bookmarklet to your browser’s Bookmarks toolbar.

(correction, you’ll be able to save the bookmarklet, will still need to wait on someone from the Keyman team to fix the underling issue)

Okay, I think we have the problem licked now. There were actually two separate issues that arose from a recent upgrade, but it’s all working well now in my testing. Apologies for the inconvenience.