[Solved] Configuration issue with macOS High Sierra

@calxavier writes:

I have installed Keyman in my Mac with OS High Sierra. I tried to install Tamil Typing keyboard, but unable to do so. I clicked the Configuration link under Keyman in the input menu. It circles for a few seconds but configuration does not open. Hence, I am not able to see the keyboard layouts menu. How to get the Configuration done? I have even downloaded a keyboard package with the extension .KMP on my macbook pro laptop. How do I install the keyboard. I am used to typing Tamil with the Tamil Typewriter keyboard. Can you kindly help me.

Unfortunately, this is a known issue we’re tracking #368

Our Keyman for Mac developer @TomB is following-up on that once Apple replies to him.

Yes, unfortunately this is a serious problem with High Sierra. We are hoping Apple will fix it quickly, but we are considering a possible workaround. For now, we think the only possibility is to downgrade to Sierra (if that is a possibility).

Oh… I don’t know how to downgrade to Sierra. I hope you can workaround something different. will wait to hear.

We’ve now published an update to Keyman for macOS that we believe works around the bug in High Sierra. Please see https://keyman.com/macosx/ for an updated download.


Is there a way to help users know what the bug at the OS level is and if it is resolved? We had a similar issue with an OS manufacturer with the FLEx product. I realize that this might not be an issue for keyman anymore and that the product evolved to solve its users needs. But is there a way to point to the the reason for the chosen evolution? (bug list at apple etc)

Apple’s bug lists are closed to the public. So it’s difficult to point to anything that would help in this situation. If more technical information is available, we would keep that in the issue referenced at the top of this discussion.