[Solution given] Keyman 15.0.272 and Bloom 5.x deleting too much

When I type with NaijaType in Windows Bloom 5.0.2 the keystroke that is supposed to remove the previous diacritic and replace it with a different one deletes 1 too many characters as shown in this video:

(sorry the previous video didn’t upload properly and this one has poor audio)

Any idea what to do? Paratext, Flex and everywhere else the keyboard works just fine as far as I can see.

The link provided is not a video. It’s only 8KB in size.

As @makara said the video is super short. I have Bloom and installed the keyboard however what is the local language I need to set for the collection? I chose Igbo (ig).

When typinghella then pressing the ` repeatedly it worked for me. When I first opened Bloom I chose to update, I checked the version and it was 4.8.9. I closed and restarted Bloom now it was version 5.2.3. I tried again and this time I saw your error. After pressing the key once I got hellá then a second time gave hell̀ instead of hellà. So the error must have been introduced between bloom 4.8.9 and 5.0.2 ( your version)
Let’s see if the Bloom team have any insight into this.

Could you please do one more test and try the sequence in Firefox?

All fine in Firefox 107.

Sorry. I must have messed up as it uploaded. Replaced it with a rerun showing the problem not happening in the registration dialog but happening in the main content editing part.

Any language will work the same way for this keyboard. Thanks for reproducing it. My bloom was already too up to date.

I am unable to reproduce the problem in Firefox 106.0.5 (64-bit) or 107.0. Testing with Keyman 16.0.105-beta.

Just testing now with Bloom 5.2.3 and Keyman 16.0.105-beta and again not able to reproduce the issue.

I then uninstalled Keyman 16 and installed 15.0.272, and I can reproduce the issue with 15.0.272. I have not yet pinpointed the difference. That’s next, but the good news is that it seems that 16.0 fixes the compatibility issue.

(Keyman 15.0.272 and Firefox 107 seem to be fine together)

A further (sad) update: after uninstalling 15.0.272 and reinstalling 16.0.106-beta, it is no longer working correctly.

Have dug into this further. I think what happened was I had a debug setting enabled in my 16.0 installed, and the uninstall and reinstall reset it…


I can confirm that changing the Keyman System Setting engine.compatibility.text_services_framework to 0 works around this problem. This further suggests that the problem is within Bloom (or rather the version of Firefox used in Bloom). We recommend applying this setting only to Bloom, rather than to all applications. This video shows how:

Background – and long-term solution

For @andrew_polk:

It looks like Bloom is using a fairly old version of Firefox (60?). The following issues are relevant to that version of Firefox, fixed in Firefox 86:

I haven’t dug back into the history, but I have a recollection that there were several other TSF issues resolved between 60.0 and 86.0 as well.


Thanks so much for digging into this. I guess we have to wait and see whether Bloom can update their mozilla components. Useful to have a workaround that can be done changing the Keyman System Setting engine.compatibility.text_services_framework to 0. That’s a little annoying but I don’t see how I would redesign the keyboard to avoid triggering this issue.

We are indeed switching to WebView2 (Edge) for Bloom 5.5.

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Note that as I showed in the video, you only have to disable the Text Services Framework (TSF) integration for Bloom, not for all apps. (In fact, I believe we added the functionality to disable TSF for specific apps for Firefox, back before the bug in Firefox was resolved!)

And it works beautifully. Thanks!

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