Smaller font size needed for page numbers

Can you please change the size of the font of automated page numbering to be 10 point? I have printed an A5 book made using Basic Book template and the font sizes on the page numbers are as large or larger than the Heading 1 in the booklet. They stand out way too prominently and could be distracting to readers.

Try adding something like this to the customCollectionStyles.css file in the project directory:

.numberedPage:after {font-size: 8pt}

Sorry John, just noticed this reply.
Where is this file? and can I do it once? Or do I have to do it for every collection?

Hi Glenys–the file John refers to is in your Bloom Collection’s folder. The file already exists; the line John suggests is added to that file.

If you want to have these different page number sizes follow the book as you share it with others as a shell, you don’t want the rule in customCollectionStyles.css. Instead, create a file named customBookStyles.css in the book folder, and place the rule in that file.

Thanks guys, I think I’ve done it, with Bruce checking me as I went. Very very happy to now have small page numbers in several of my collections. 10 or 9 point is fine.
I do appreciate the shell or book creator having more control over the layouts etc. if they want it. And that some things stay ‘hidden’ from those who don’t need it. Thanks for all your hard work and great additions to Bloom.

I agree with this, and would add that other unchangeable default text sizes are also too big, such as the language and genre text on the cover and title pages.

@HazelL, note that uneditable texts, like the topic and language are still connected to a style that you can modify. In the case of those two, the neighboring textbox that says “You may use this space for author/illustrator or anything else” gives you access to the style “Cover-Default”. So make that smaller, and all the text at the bottom will be smaller. Hope that helps.

Hi John. It helps a bit, but it doesn’t change the alignement of the text on the bottom.