Small caps

Is it possible to use small caps in Bloom, eg for the divine name? I can’t see that option typing directly into Bloom, and when I copy and paste from Word the small caps turn back into lower case.

Small caps is a feature that is supported by a font.
Font Features - Andika - Andika discusses how Andika has a feature setting to turn on small caps. I’m not sure how to implement this inside Bloom specifically.

So I found instructions to ‘activate’ small caps formatting in Bloom, by adding a rule to the stylesheet. However, that changes every instance of the use of that font to small caps, which is not what I want. Can anyone help with this please?

Hi Lizzie,
I apologize for dropping the ball here on your request. I appreciate that you followed up.

Starting with Bloom 5.4.125, Bloom will allow pasting in small caps text that you have created in Microsoft Word. That should be available in a day or two.

Great, I look forward to the update, and just in time!

Thank you

OK @lizzie, Bloom 5.4.125 is now available with this improvement.