Small caps for Greek in Gentium

I’ve just downloaded a TypeTuner version of Gentium Plus, so that I can take advantage of small caps in Microsoft Word, which otherwise doesn’t support them properly. They work great in Latin, but they don’t work at all in Greek. Is there no support for Greek small caps, then?

I expected such support because most of the letters seem to exist already: 13 of the Latin small caps (ABEZHIKMNOPTX) could presumably be recycled as Greek, considering that the capital versions seem to match exactly with the respective Greek ones, and I’ve found another five specifically Greek small capitals scattered in the character table (ΓΛΠΨΩ). I’m probably missing various complexities here, and I know you are very busy, but I’m bringing this up because it seems only six letters (and perhaps a couple of alternative versions if you want to be completist about it) are missing for a full set of Greek small caps, which would be a wonderful bit of functionality, considering how rare it is to find actual small caps in system fonts, never mind Greek ones.

In any case, I love Gentium and admire your work. Thank you for your time!

Hello - we are planning to add a full set of small caps for Greek, however that may not happen until the next major version (v7) sometime next year. Thanks for letting us know you would like this, as that will help us keep it as a high priority for v7.

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