Sliammon keyboard on Windows


New user here trying to understand the proper (ie. most up to date) method of installing the Sliammon keyboard on Windows devices.

If I use a recent installer (16.0.139) and then try installing any of three kmp files found here, Keyman then states: “You do not have any keyboards installed.”

I assume based on earlier reading that these kmp files are not intended for Windows devices as the Windows logo is not displayed next to any of them.

I have had success with installing firstvoices-9.0.0-Sliammon.exe from the following website.

In the interest of security, I don’t want to be stuck with using old software. Will this require a submission to GitHub to correct, or is there another way?


The three keyboards that you indicate are indeed tagged as touch (or web) and attempts to install the package (.kmp file) on Windows won’t work. Any of the keyboards could be enhanced to support desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux), but, as you surmise, would require an update to the source files on GitHub.

@caforbes Would you want to update the fv_klahoose keyboard to include a desktop layout?

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Hi there! We are aware of this gap in our keyboard offerings and are planning to add a desktop version to the Keyman source! @skyblaster If you would be interested in contacting us directly about what you are hoping to see from the desktop keyboard, you can get in touch with us via!

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Thanks for the quick reply @caforbes!

Other than possibly including the BC Sans Typeface in the install package, I don’t really have any other wishes at this time. I’ll certainly reach out if I think of anything else.

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