Size of images for RAB

Question/comment from a user during a RAB training session:

If you use Word to make the app, does the size of image matter when you put the image in word. So for example for a phone, is there a preferred size for the image?

It would be helpful for RAB Help file to give some examples of picture sizes, both pixel sizes and whatever else is used for pics."

Getting it right four your own users is a tricky questions. We have done research, mainly in our own team, but also by looking at the Google Play Console data: What phones do our users have, what Android version, etc.?

Then, when you know the range, who is your target audience? Do you want to include everybody, even people with very old out-of-mainstream-phones? Do you mainly want to reach the movers-and-shakers with their modern phones and impressive screens?

For our part of Africa we have (for 2017 and 2018) made the decision to crop our photos and other artwork to 480 pixels wide (and whatever hight gets determined by the proportions). This way we reach an audience with low-level phones in the Android 4/5/6 range with screens typically 480 pixels wide. We have a few users with much better screens and a few users with even older phones, but we hope that we have hit our own sweet spot.

We are keeping all the “originals” and we know that late in 2018 we might need to adapt and include better resolutions to have meaningful and pretty apps. So my example of 480 pixels is just for our audience and just for this point in time.

So it will not be easy for the RAB team to include relevant size recommendations. The question is a good one, but it will probably take research from the people who use the RAB for a given audience and generation. fwiw