Size of allowable pictures in Megabytes

What is the max size picture in MB that BLOOM allows? I have recently had some pics rejected not because they had too high dpi, but were just too big. Can’t seem to find this info.

There’s no fixed limit. However, depending somewhat on how much memory your computer has and what other pictures are in a document, larger ones may make running out of memory more likely, and they make it bigger for others to download if you plan to share it. Hover over a picture to see some statistics and whether your picture is higher-resolution than you need. Solving memory problems when making a PDF has some ideas of things to do about it if necessary.

Could you clarify what you mean by

had some pics rejected


Did you receive a message stating the image was too large? Or you couldn’t produce a PDF? Or Bloom crashed? Or something else?
A screenshot might be helpful.