Simple test for graphite rendering?

Is there a character combination that I can type or paste, when using Andika New Basic, that would look different if graphite rendering were enabled?


I don’t know about Andika, but with Scheherazade you could use the text RenderingUnknown. If Graphite is being used, this will display as RenderingGraphite. If OpenType, it will display either as RenderingUnknown or RenderingOpenType, depending on the application.

Thanks Bob. Andika New Basic didn’t work, but Scheherazade did.

I’m not sure if this will meet your need, but if you have a zero in your text and specify the font as "Andika New Basic:dig0=1” that should turn on the Graphite feature for “dig0” which should render the zero with a slash through it. If Graphite rendering is enabled, you should see a slash through the zero.

Different applications have different ways to enable features. David’s suggestion works for LibreOffice (and some others). Unfortunately in some apps, sadly, access to font-specific features is not available at all. But if you can set font features (whatever the mechanism), David’s idea works well for fonts that have different features (or at least different IDs) for Graphite and OpenType.