SIL keyboards not working in Excel (Office 365)

I don’t understand why Keyman is not sending characters to the Excel (Office 365). Keyman is running, but is not sending characters. However, Keyman is sending characters to the same Excel spreadsheet while running LibreOffice. What’s going on?

Hi Ken, it’s hard to guess at what is going on. LibreOffice and Excel are completely different programs even if they load the same file formats, so we can’t really learn anything much from that – apart from the fact that Keyman is running okay with some programs and not others.

Some basic starter questions to help us diagnose the issue:

  • Which version of Keyman are you using?
  • Which edition of Office 365 (you can check in the File/Account/About Excel dialog)?
  • Is Excel 32-bit or 64-bit?
  • Which version of Windows?

Then, when you type in Excel with your Keyman keyboard:

  • What keyboard are you using?
  • What keystrokes are you typing?
  • What output do you see?
  • What output do you expect to see?

If you can, please also send us a diagnostic report, following the instructions at, and reference this discussion when you submit the report.

Thanks Marc. I’ll try to supply the details you are specifying. K

Okay, completed the bug report.

I’ve reviewed the diagnostic report but there’s nothing conclusive there. If you haven’t already, can you try restarting your computer, and if that doesn’t help, we’ll need to schedule in a remote support session to try and track the cause.

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