SIL IPA ver 1.7 not functioning correctly on macOS Mojave

Hey there,

I’m trying to use Keyman on my new macbook. Actually I’ve been using it on my older macbook to type phonetic symbols for quite a long time and it works perfectly. However, when I started using this on my new macbook, the SIL IPA keyboard didn’t function correctly.

The problem is, the only symbol that I can type is “ː”, and other symbols such as vowels which need the combination of “a=” or “a<” can’t be typed.

My Keyman version: 11.0.220 on macos;
SIL IPA version: 1.7
macos version: Mojave 10.14.5
OS Language: Simplified Chinese

Please contact me if you have a clue about this
Thank you!
:cry: :sob:

Hi Quentin,

Sorry that you encounter this issue, but thank you for reporting it.

We will look into this issue and see what is wrong with it.

As a work around for now, you may try SIL IPA keyboard on Keyman Web here:,Keyboard_sil_ipa


I have now reproduced the problem. I have documented the problem at and we will be working on a resolution from there.

See also a similar report at Amharic Keyboard wont function fully on macOS Mojave.

I have a potential fix which I’d like to test further with you before I publish it. I have written up instructions on how to test the new version at:

This does require some understanding of using the Terminal to execute commands; I would prefer not to have to force users into the Terminal in order to address the problem for the full release, so am working on that currently.

Please do let me know if this fixes the problem for you.

After additional testing here, we determined that the issue with SIL IPA was not related to the similar report. However, the good news is I have tested a fix for this issue as well. We are running this fix through code review now and will be preparing a release soon.

For reference, the proposed fix is available at and the issue is documented at

Thanks a lotǃ Really appreciate your help and your effort on helping meǃ

I haven’t check this website for a while so I didn’t receive your replies in time.

Actually I copied the older version of Keyman and the IPA keyboard files on my last macbook to the new one and it workedǃ

I’ll download the new one to see if this works on my new macbook.

Many thanksǃ

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The fixed version is now available in Keyman 12.0.7 beta, downloadable from