SIL Hebrew on Mac: Right Option + O/A not Outputing Qamets Hatuph

In a Hebrew class, I recommend all students to use the Keyman keyboard. However, two students have told me that using the combination of “Right Option” and “O” or “A” does not output Qamets Hatuph. It works well on my Mac. Instead, it outputs the same sign as “Left Option” + “O”/“A”.

I don’t even know how to debug this issue.

Can anyone help?


Which MacOS version are they using, and which one do you have?
Are you and they using the same application and the same font?

I use MacOS 11.4.

One student has MacOS 10.15.7.
The other I don’t know. But it is also an older OS.

They both have the latest Keyman app.

Does the font even matter? It’s outputting a different character. It might be an OS issue, but I don’t think it is a font issue.

Hi @martinacc,

There may be a security setting which impacts this. Can you get your students to check our security settings configuration guide for macOS?

If that doesn’t help, can you tell us the name of the Hebrew keyboard you are using and we’ll dig deeper.

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Hi @Marc ,

Thank you very much for the advice. One student said that a few options in the security setting are missing (maybe the OS is an older one). But checking whatever option was present and a restart fixed it.
The other student followed the tutorial and also fixed the issue.

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Excellent! I’m glad that fixed the problem. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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