SIL for downloadable digital artwork

May I convert a given SIL font to a vector image, overlay digital artwork on each individual letter, save each letter with the overlayed artwork separately as an individual JPG, PNG, PDF, and or the like, and sell each letter as a digital, downloadable graphic file (again JPG, PNG, PDF, etc)? It would not be sold as font software nor installable as a font, but as graphic image files with my artwork included over it. If yes, can the files be sold as an alphabet set, but still only as individual graphic files within the set, and not as installable font software. If yes to all, does the license or any attribution need to accompany the sold image file(s)? I appreciate your insight.


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Hello Bill - Short answer is yes. Please read the first few sections of the OFL-FAQ to get specific answers to your questions. Hope that helps!

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Thank you very much for the info and quick reply.