Sign language books with voiced text

I need advise on the correct language settings and process to use for creating sign language books with voiced text from existing books in Bloom. The population served is deaf adults with hearing children and hearing adults with deaf children. I sometimes have to slightly edit the text so make the language easier.
The process i followed:
I picked a book from our own collection, downloaded from bloom for translation into my isl collection and added in the isl pages. I had to retype the text with the changes needed and add audio again. When it came to uploading, it shows me the option to upload English and English …i want to just upload the English edited for this version of the story but have no way to know what i am choosing.
Any advice?

Namita, I apologize, you ran into a bug. Your book had both English and English-India, and the user interface only showed “English”.

Hi John,
no problem. I caught an error in doing it again, and also developed a neater system of functioning. So in everything, there is always good learning available! Don’t worry about it.